Marketing Collaterals & Documentation

Marketing Collaterals & Documentation

Any print material that is developed and distributed to promote your brand or services is called marketing collateral. Businesses need marketing collaterals like brochures, flyers, newsletters, technical papers and press releases to promote a new product.

We help businesses develop and distribute brochures and fliers to ensure effective marketing. Brochures are insert pages or folded two-sided document that has several sections. These sections help cover product benefits, business contact information, and other details about your business. They can be either sent in the mail or handed over at events or business meetings. Whereas, fliers are a single piece of cheaper quality paper with either single or double-sided content. They can be distributed at offices, in schools and shopping malls etc.


We help businesses develop document-driven marketing collaterals that help boost brand visibility. We are skilled in creating fact sheets, technical and white papers, and press releases. Whether you need to publish a white paper on the research you recently carried out for a new product or a press release announcing the latest development in your business, we can cover it all!

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