Influence Marketing

Influence Marketing

It is clearly the age of YouTube and Instagram. And businesses require effective influencer marketing solutions that will help reach out to the consumer base more effectively. Influencer marketing promotes brand credibility and consumer trust in the masses.  It is one of the most effective marketing techniques up to date!

GoPunch is the most advanced and end-to-end Influencer marketing services provider. We bring in a team of experienced campaign directors and managers to offer influencer marketing solutions to small and large-scale businesses.

AI-enabled Influencer Searches

We utilise processes and search systems that are powered with AI to offer enhanced and optimised searches for social media profiles. We will help find the appropriate influencer to match your unique campaign.

Fake Profile Detection

We use machine learning to identify fake profiles on social media. GoPunch has a systematic approach to prevent fraud and scam. Our fake detection bots help identify inactive followers and likes to ensure that you get a highly effective influencer marketing campaign for better results.

Campaign Reporting 

We provide detailed statistics and weekly reports on audience insights. Clients can track campaign performance in real-time.